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As you are getting ready to ride, check out the options you have for your Bike MS challenge.

Map of the 2018 event site(s) coming soon!

Bike MS communities

Please be respectful of the communities that support and welcome Bike MS! Their hospitality makes this event possible. Every effort is made to keep you safe. Where possible, local law enforcement agencies have been recruited to help you travel through intersections and on shared roadways. Be courteous, as they help you travel safely through their communities.

Personal SAG vehicles prohibited

Personal SAG vehicles are not permitted on the route. Please understand our need to cut down on vehicular traffic for your safety. We provide SAG vehicles and full route support, which you can read about under Route Support.

Map of the 2018 route(s) coming soon!

Your extraordinary Bike MS experience includes fantastic support. While you ride, you should only be concerned about two things: riding safely and having fun! We take care of all the rest.

Here are just a few of the volunteer groups you can count on during event weekend:

Bike MS Historic New Bern — 30th Annual Event

The safety of our cyclists is the number one priority of Bike MS. On the route, there is a combination of riders with different experience and skill levels. To help ensure that everyone has a great ride and arrives safely at the finish line, we work hard to create a proactive approach to safety.

Police Officers

New Bern Police Department volunteer their time for the safety of riders and volunteers. They have the responsibility to ensure riders obey traffic laws and rules governing the ride, as well as assisting in emergencies. NBPD will take whatever action is necessary to maintain the safety of others, including motor vehicles on the route. Police will warn and, if necessary, remove any unsafe or uncooperative riders from the route, as well as issue tickets in accordance with the law.

Bike Medics

Trained, professional medical personnel is available throughout the route to help all participants. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask. All rest stops, lunch sites, finish line, and the New Bern Convention Center will have first aid stations.

Bike MS Ride Marshals

Ride Marshals are registered riders that provide extra safety and security on the route. This special team of cyclists offers assistance along the route and monitors cycling safety. Ride Marshals also assist novice cyclists with coaching to ride safely. Be courteous and follow the instructions of Ride Marshals.

Bike MS Motorcycle Medics

Motorcycle Marshals patrol the route to assist with cycling traffic and respond to emergencies and traffic situations. This group of volunteers also monitors the well-being of riders.

SAG Vehicles

SAG vehicles provide transportation to riders who need a lift to the next rest stop. SAG vehicles are not required to stop to make bike repairs. SAG vehicles only move a rider forward along the route.

To signal a SAG vehicle driver, follow these steps:

  • Move safely all-the-way off the road and well out of the path of other riders.
  • Dismount and stand near your bike.
  • Remove your helmet and give a thumbs down to the SAG vehicle.

*Be aware that SAG vehicles may be full at peak hours. Please have patience; another SAG vehicle will be along the route soon. At rest stops, look for a SAG waiting area or ask the rest stop captain to point you in the right direction.*

HAM Radio Team

The HAM Amateur Radio Communications Team links the Bike MS Historic New Bern ride with radio and cellular communication support and operations. Team members are located at Central Radio NetControl and in event vehicles on the route to provide the ride's information backbone.

Medical Support Team

Certified medical professionals (EMTs, paramedics, and nurses). This group of volunteers provides medical support along the route, at rest stops, lunch sites, the finish line, and at New Bern Convention Center.

Mechanical Support

Be sure to get your bike inspected at a Bike MS sponsor store prior to ride weekend to identify any potential issues. Official Bike Stores will provide minor repairs on the road and at rest stops along the route if you have a Bike MS inspection sticker. If you encounter a mechanical problem while riding and need assistance, move completely off to the side of the road and signal a SAG vehicle.

Route Markings

We make every effort to ensure you won't get lost on the route. Follow the directional signs along the route marked with arrows. You'll see the route signs at each turn and along the straightaways, so you'll know you didn't make a wrong turn.

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