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Bike MS Street Team and Ride Marshal

Thank you for your interest in serving on one of the following groups! Please select one or both of these groups, and we will contact you with more info.

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Question - Required - Street Team - The Street Team promotes Bike MS through outreach to cycling clubs, bike shops, and community events. Each member receives materials and training that allows them to effectively speak about Bike MS, and make an impact on the number of people who participate in Bike MS!

Question - Required - Ride Marshal - Ride Marshals are cyclists who not only ride and fundraise, but volunteer to help those around them during the ride. As cyclists on the road, marshals act as both Good Will Ambassadors and Safety Ambassadors for Bike MS. Marshals receive first aid/CPR training and Cycling Safety training to prepare them for this important role. Ride Marshals are identified on the route by their Ride Marshal Jersey.


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